Christmas 2023 Gift Guide

Here we go then… Silly season, forced family fun and fruitcake that no one actually likes (sorry nan). Love it or hate it, Christmas is coming.
 My mum always goes by this with Christmas gifting:
Something they want, something they need, something to wear & something to read.
 The thing is, we can’t all be doing with the stress (and money!) of buying at least four presents for absolutely everyone we know, so here’s what I recommend (not to sound big headed here, but I think this is the BEST formula):
 As thoughtful as possible for a reasonable price.
Here’s the awkward salesy bit. Guess who makes personalised, hand painted Christmas decorations and has refused to raise her prices since 2019 because let’s face it, Christmas is EXPENSIVE…
So here’s a few items that I guarantee will either make the best gift at Christmas, or bring a smile to your face when you’re neck deep in wrapping paper and having your 20th argument of the week over what actually is the best Christmas film (only joking, we all know it’s the 90’s Miracle on 34th Street 😉):
For Pet lovers:
Their pet (or yours) hand painted on a wood slice decoration. A lot of “personalised pet portrait” decorations just ask the breed and colour of your pet and that’s that. With these ones I paint your actual pet from a photo you send, making sure all the little details that make your furry friend special get included in the painting.
For the Newlyweds:
I’ve got a couple of options! Whether you know a couple who had their big day this year, or you’re celebrating your first Christmas together… I can paint a watercolour version of your wedding flowers from a photo on a tree decoration (the best thing about this is it can be displayed all year, not just Christmas), or if you want to keep it festive I offer a holly option, too.
Keep things simple (but still personal):
My bestseller since 2017… Personalised name decorations.
Their name with your choice of festive artwork on a black or white background.
Black option:
 White option:
Celebrate a teeny, tiny new person!:
A “My First Christmas” decoration with their name and a cute snowman illustration.

For the ones that shout “SANTA, I KNOW HIM!” at the earliest opportunity:
A hand painted Santa design with their name.
For the ones who just got engaged:
How about a gift card for a custom jacket or wedding shoes?!
Hopefully my ramblings gave you a bit of gifting inspo! Order books close for Christmas delivery 8th December so get in quick!
In the meantime, I know this time of year can be super stressful and overwhelming for many people (myself included), so keep your head up, light that cranberry scented candle and most importantly, don’t let guilt and the fear of saying “no” to people get in the way of being able to do what’s most important at Christmas: Sitting on your bum, opening the Cadbury Heroes and taking time to recharge before the new year. 🖤
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