It’s been a while…

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a post on here… The truth is I’ve been buried in a mountain of catching up with orders, coming up with new designs and getting ready for Christmas (all whilst solo parenting and working an extra job two days a week). Unfortunately there’s not been much time to update a blog, so apologies for the radio silence.

Speaking of the C word… Have you spotted Christmas decorations on the website yet? This is my first year of selling them without the involvement of #regretsy so I’m hoping they do OK! 

You can find them by searching “Christmas” on the homepage. But please be quick! I’ll be closing orders on 11th December.

What else has been happening?


I was recently involved in a styled wedding shoot, where I got to show off some of my painted leather jacket designs and work with an amazing team to put together some awesome photos (hopefully these get seen by some wedding blogs and magazines because all of the suppliers deserve so much recognition for their amazing talents!). Here’s some of my favourite photos from the shoot (you can see a list of suppliers involved here:)

Photographer - @Thymelanephoto
Styling - @storieseventhire
Venue - @ironhorseranchhouse @ironhorse_weddings_events
dress - @poppyperspective,
Suit- @duncanjameswalsall MUA - @ashley_kay_beauty Hair - @clairebarberella Flowers - @thestableblooms Cake - @onepartlovebakery Bride - @ashpackslight
groom - Damien Vidal Custom Jacket - @paintedlovecustoms Stationary - @hollieswinscoedesign
Celebrant - @vidalceremonies

What’s new?

Painted leather jacket designs are still super popular, but I’ve definitely noticed a bigger wedding trend for custom Doc Martens coming in. Last year my orders were split about 80% jackets and 20% shoes, now that seems to be more like a 60/40 percentage. The good news is I absolutely LOVE painting docs, and from a personal opinion I kind of think that they’re more something you can wear again and again even after your wedding day.

One last thing…

Look, I know it always seems like a proper “hard sell” when businesses say this… But I’m going to say it anyway:

Order Now to Avoid Disappointment! 

I promise, it’s not a hard sell. I just hate turning orders down and this happens every year:

As a business from October to January orders start drying up. Your website turns into a ghost town and you start to seriously regret that life choice of choosing doing something you love over a stable 9-5 income job. Then by springtime you’re turning down orders because people are all of a sudden realising that wedding season is round the corner. I hate turning down orders and feeling like I’ve let people down.

The best thing you can do to support small sellers within the wedding and events industry is to book over winter (deposit options are available). 
I get it though, money is tight at the moment and people are having to choose over being warm or treating themselves to beans on toast for yet another cheap meal again. But by putting that deposit down you’re literally saving some businesses from closing.

I’m serious, over winter is when most small sellers have to pack up and close their businesses which is awful because we genuinelly do this because we love it. We love our customers and want to be there in the good times (as well as the bad).

Now that’s done, I can finally go out my tree up and grab a brew. Have an amazing day!


Jade 🖤


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