#regretsy , need I say more…?!

#regretsy , need I say more…?!

Well it has been a WEEK. If you’ve been following my journey on TikTok and Instagram you’ll have seen that another selling site have chosen to hold my funds, completely out of the blue and without warning.

I’ve been selling on that selling site for over 5 years and never had any issues so I can officially say I’m done with them. No more. I’ve obviously set up this site now, but behind the scenes I’m working with other sellers from that site and with the press to get the word out about hidden fees and the ugly hidden side of “that selling site (by now you obviously know who I mean, but yeah…)”.

Whilst that’s all been going on I’ve painted two jackets, one pair of shoes and done 6 mock up designs for future jacket projects. Like I said, it’s been a WEEK.


Next week is half term which means on top of completing orders (and working a second job I recently took on) I’ll also have my 5 year old son to entertain, so please be patient when it comes to waiting for message replies!


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